Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Modeling the PODD communication system

The Pragmatic Organization Dynamic Display (PODD) communication system enables individuals with complex communication needs to have an autonomous voice. (to read more about how we're introducing this system to Caroline, please see click here)

We're still in the "modeling stage." We hope that Caroline will eventually use this system expressively. At this point, Mike and I are each using PODD twice a day for a few minutes. Caroline also takes her PODD book to school for her teacher and therapists to communicate with her.  

Here's a video of me using the PODD book to talk to Caroline (DISCLAIMER: I may be messing up to the point where what I am doing may not even be considered PODD anymore!) 


  1. That is Emmy's favorite toy too! It looks like you're modeling the PODD just like our therapists showed us. Our book has velcro pics you pull off but seems to be set up the same way. The difficulty we're having with it is that Emmy needs so much time to respond sometimes giving her the choices one by one can take a LONG time. Sometimes I give up and just pull out the yes/no cards to get an answer to a specific question. But it seems like the PODD will be a good precurser to the eye gaze. Getting the pages set up the same way, she'll know how to navigate better I'm sure. Thanks for sharing! Caroline is such a little doll : )

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet and encouraging post, Colleen! I feel guilty that we only use PODD twice a day. We hope to get to the point where we are comfortable using it in a "natural" way. I'm so happy to hear that Emmy is communicating with it!! That's so exciting!!! It gives me great hope for Caroline.