Thursday, July 6, 2017

I told Caroline's story at a protest outside Trump's Hotel while he held a $35,000-$100,000/plate fundraiser inside

Thank you Public Citizen, Resist Here, Americans for Tax Fairness, and Working Families Party for the opportunity to share my daughter Caroline's story.

I am feeling deeply thankful for the opportunities I've been given to tell our Medicaid story and add my family's voice to the health debate. I still find public speaking excruciatingly challenging -- it's not something that comes naturally to me. I've also had to set aside my family's privacy. But I recognize my own privilege and the flexibility it gives me to be able to voice the concerns of so many families like mine.

The protest received a a lot of media coverage. Below is a link to a news clip with a very (very!) short clip of my interview.

You can view video of the protest below. My message to the Republican Senators supporting this bill starts at the 21:30 mark.

My message to the Republican Senators supporting Trumpcare:

You are putting my daughter's life at risk. You are taking away the lifeline of so many children with disabilities and/or chronic illnesses by cutting $800 billion from Medicaid to finance tax cuts for corporations and billionaires. Do you even understand what's in the bill? This is a matter of life and death for millions of Americans across the country.

Do the right thing. Do NOT pass Trumpcare. America will be watching you.

Sharing Caroline's story with Whip Steny Hoyer on

On June 23rd, I was given the opportunity to share our Medicaid story with Whip Hoyer. We are deeply grateful to him and so many other champions in Congress for fighting so hard to protect children like Caroline -- who have with disabilities and chronic health issues and depend on Medicaid to survive and be part of society. 

Our conversation was filmed as part of a video series on featuring members of Congress interviewing Americans about the impact TrumpCare would have on their lives.

These stories are shared by millions of Americans across the country. Let's continue to call our Senators every day and tell them to vote NO on the Senate health bill/TrumpCare. We are not asking for much here. People need their healthcare coverage to just live and continue to be part of society.

Video of my conversation with Whip Hoyer

The video below includes clips from a few stories including ours (and some cute pics of Caroline!). You can hear my message to the Administration and Republican members of Congress at the end of the video.